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Auto Tinting Services


The Triad's Premier Auto Tinting Provider

Long-lasting, high quality film installed by skilled professionals is why Shady Slim’s Tinting enjoys repeat business from car owners throughout the Triad.

Whether you choose our heat rejecting ceramic film or our standard tint, we stand behind our work and our product.

Our high quality tint won’t fade, turn color, bubble or peel.   Whether you own a luxury car or an economy vehicle, rest assured that your car is in good hands with Shady Slim's Tinting!

Shady Slim's Tinting uses the highest quality window film, installed by our experienced professionals.  Our high performance tint  enhances the appearance of your vehicle &  improves your comfort and safety.  Our high performance tint:

  • Rejects the heat, keeping your car cooler.

  • Improves gas mileage by reducing your car's air conditioning load.

  • Improves visibility by eliminating glare.

  • Blocks cancer causing UV rays from reaching your skin, especially when you're in the car for a long time. 

  • Prevents the interior of your vehicle from fading.

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